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Having crooked or uneven teeth often reduces self-confidence, but wearing braces to straighten teeth as an adult can be embarrassing and awkward. That’s why we offer Invisalign as part of our cosmetic dentistry services. Invisalign is a popular, discreet alternative to braces that has been helping people achieve straighter teeth for over a decade. This approach to teeth straightening is virtually invisible with minimal interference to your current lifestyle.

Invisalign is one of our most requested cosmetic dentistry services. In addition to its cosmetic benefits, Invisalign is effective for over-crowding, cross bites, overbites, and gap teeth. Not only do these misalignments impede confidence, but they also can lead to oral health problems later in life. The good news is that it is never too late to straighten your teeth.

Since the clear aligners are practically invisible, they discreetly straighten teeth without awkward metal wires or brackets. This means only you will know that you are wearing Invisalign, so you can confidently attend business meetings, dinner dates, family functions, and other social settings without worrying about the embarrassment or discomfort of metal braces.

Treatment begins with a personal consultation. Our dentist will discuss your straightening goals and oral health concerns. Next, we will take X-rays and impressions of your teeth, create a 3-D image of your bite, and map out a custom treatment plan. Based on your impressions and individual treatment plan, a series of custom liners will be made just for you.

Aligners are smooth, comfortable, and BPA-free. Patients typically wear one clear aligner for a 14-day period, then switch to a new aligner. Each aligner progressively straightens the teeth, advancing patients gradually to the next stage of treatment. For best results, we recommend wearing aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day, including at night during sleep. Aligners can be removed for eating and drinking and for brushing and flossing.

While every patient is unique, most treatments last for approximately one year. For teens, the length of treatment may be closer to two years, which is comparable to the length of time that metal braces would be worn.

While most individuals are good candidates for Invisalign, metal braces may better serve individuals with complex bite misalignments or severely misaligned teeth. Our dentist will discuss your different treatment options and make specific recommendations during your initial consultation.

Invisalign is popular because it is easy, effective, and discreet. The clear aligners are also more comfortable than metal braces – you won’t need to worry about poking or irritation inside your mouth. And since the aligners can easily be removed for eating and drinking, you can still enjoy all your favorite foods, including foods that are sticky and chewy.

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