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Teeth Whitening

Teeth naturally become dull, yellowed, and stained over time. Professional teeth whitening is a fast, safe, effective way to remove tough stains and brighten your smile in a matter of just a few hours.

While over-the-counter solutions may seem like a quick and easy way to whiten your teeth, these kits actually whiten very slowly, often taking up to several weeks before showing desired results. Professional whitening services are stronger, with enough power to remove tough stains caused by coffee, alcohol, and tobacco, and they take only a few hours in our office.

Over-the-counter whitening options come in one-size-fits-all packages, but our professional whitening program is customized to your unique smile and needs. This ensures even, all-over whitening and protects the gums against irritation caused by overlapping strips or trays that do not fit the teeth properly.

To learn more about our professional teeth whitening solutions and find out which is best for you, call us at 601-362-1118 or request an appointment online.